Sunday, August 23, 2015

“HEAVEN IS WAITING TO POUR OUT MY GLORY” - A Fresh Sound From Heaven - Prophetic Music

By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit 

The Message in this podcast is in the from of a spontaneous Prophetic Song of the Lord

While spending time preparing to share and minister, I was impressed to have the recording equipment running as I worshipped and waited upon the Lord. 

This recording is unedited and was recorded 'live". It is a timely word to the Body of Christ right now as we are all sensing major events and many changes ahead. 

There is also a glorious time of adoration and worship right after the prophetic song in response to the Lord's words sung over His people. 

I think that you might just want to sit back and use this message and music as a time to enter into the Glory of His Hand!


Spontaneous Song of the Lord and Music 
© 2015
By Mary Lindow through the Holy Spirit 

Heaven is calling you child
It’s opening up, the eyes of glory.
Heaven is calling out to all 
Who long to hear My voice

And I speak a word of truth in an hour
when darkness seems to rule.
Even though the world is lost in pain and grief.

Open up your eyes and see My face,
I’m looking for a people of My grace.

Heaven is waiting to pour out my glory
As I roll back the veils of ancient time
But first I need to see; your love is just for Me. 
And not simply of, the things I do through you.

It is a time - To look into the Master’s eyes.
It is a time - To look into the glorious skies of hope
And see…
…See Me.

So listen with your spirit man!
LISTEN with your spirit man
And raise up lives, holy to My Cause.

It’s not a time for dreams and wishes 
No it’s not a time for that.
The time is now for those who will arise!

It is the season of MY dreams
It is the season of MY Destiny as King!

So look for the Glory, in each salvation story
That’s where I'll manifest, My Hand.
I’ll manifest across the land

Come into the Glory!  Come into the Glory!
Come into the Presence of My Hand!

Come into the Glory!  Come into the Glory!
Come, into the glory of My Hand! 

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Thank You! 
Copyright © 2015  
"THE MESSENGER " ~Mary Lindow
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