Monday, March 15, 2010

"I Am Building a Body of Faithful Believers"

By Mary Lindow

Ephesians 2:21
We who are believers are carefully joined together with Christ,
as parts of a beautiful constantly growing temple for God.

Who joins you together ever so carefully? It is Me!
The one who poured out all of My life’s ambitions and My own will for
you! I gather you together with others who will greatly influence
your Destiny in Me!

As I chisel and shape you as a living stone, you will learn through those
I place around you just how to blend into the “temple of unity” that I am
building with My Living Body of faithful believers.

You will always be in the process of building
as I continue My work in you, around you, and through you! Ever so
carefully Will I shape you and mold you into a vessel of My use.
A temple to fill with My Presence and glory!

“Oh that we might know the Lord!
Let us press on to know Him and surely He will respond to us!”
Hosea 6:3

Child, I do understand your longing to know me more!
It was built into you when you came to know Me as Lord and Master!
It is a Divine DNA that drives you to press on until you encounter Me
face to face!

Moses was also driven by this internal force. David, Deborah, Elijah!
All of them had a homing device inside of their spirit beings that cried
out for more of the relationship from heaven!

Never stop searching out My ways!
You will see Me move all of creation in order for you to know just how I
long to bless you, to encourage you and to perfect you!
Press On!
Press In !
I will respond!

“Hide yourselves in Me!

“But let all who take refuge in You be glad!
Let them forever sing for joy!
Spread your protection over them,
so that those who love Your name may rejoice in You! “
~Psalms 5:11

I hear your heartache and travail! I know your longings!
Quickly! Come and hide in My tower of refuge!

I Am the tower of safety!
Your tormenters are far below you when you are up high in My tower of
praise! Rise up higher and higher as you rejoice in My love! Enter into
My arms of protection!

You fear the things that must indeed fall down at My command!
Stop fretting and come into My arms of refuge and rest!

“You will inherit a double portion!” Isaiah 61:7
My Word says that My people will receive
a double portion of blessing instead of shame!

Instead of “dis-grace”, they will “re-joice” in their Inheritance!
They will inherit a “double portion” in their land!
Joy that lasts forever will be theirs!

I have planned to give you, My child, the best of all things and then,
to double it!
Even a joy that will last forever!
I will also double that!

Even though the pruning has been sorrowful
and yes, even painful, it has cut away the things that brought shame
and a cowardly heart from your life!

I take away dis-grace forever and cause you to re-joice forever!

The place you are living in, the land you are claiming for My kingdom?
I double the impact and double the moving of My mighty Hand of
Healing and Kingdom assets!

Receive the Double Portion of Blessing!

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Thank You
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