Friday, February 12, 2010


Mary Lindow

Dear Seeker of the Voice of Truth,

The past year was one filled with much stretching, many Divine
Appointments, and much travel.

For years, my husband I have been prophesied over, being told
that we would have Divine appointments in Canada. We waited,
and waited, and waited. For many years.

And then, in God’s timing, the Lord opened a glorious door
through two dear faithful friends and servants of Christ, Russ
and Dhana Hartman, for me to travel and minister in Medicine
Hat and Elkhart Canada this past fall at a Worship Arts

I experienced a humbling vision during one night of deep sleep
on a summer evening. In the dream a First Native chief
approached me, wrapped in a tribal blanket. His hair was twisted
into braids upon the top of his head, and he had a feather
attached on the side of this braid. He sternly asked why I was
coming to his land, and what was I bringing.

I told him in the dream, that I was coming to bring the people of
Canada the love of God and a blessing. He then put out his
hand, and welcomed me onto his land.

A week later, when I was in Canada ministering and staying in
the home of a precious and broken couple, Roger and Lynne
Sabourin, both who are strong mentors, Roger a true prophetic
voice in Canada, and Lynne an anointed prophetic pianist, the
phone rang, and a dear friend of Roger and Lynn’s, Philip
BigSwan, Hereditary Chief of Piikani Nation (Blackfoot Tribe) was
calling to inform us that the Lord instructed him to drive 4 hours to
come and meet with me.

There is not enough time in this message to share all that gloriously
transpired as we met, worshiped, and shared rich fellowship in the
presence of the King.

I am impressed to share with you a very strong, and powerful
prophetic word that Roger was given from the Lord not many weeks
ago while he and Chief Big Swan traveled into the frigid arctic North
to minister there.

Please get a cup of tea or a cool beverage and carefully read this and
hear the voice God speaking clearly, as I believe it applies to all

I have great and deep respect for Roger and Lynn and Chief Philip
Big Swan who
is also a Prophet to the First Natives of Canada.

In His Shadow,
Mary Lindow

Philip BigSwan, Hereditary Chief of Piikani Nation (Blackfoot
Tribe) in Brocket, Alberta and I, Roger Sabourin from Medicine
Hat, Alberta recently returned from our second trip to the Inuit,
(formally known as Eskimos) in Arctic Bay, Nunavut in the
Arctic Circle of Canada, to participate in their Northern Bible

These conferences are attended by representatives and Pastors
of the entire Northern Arctic and they travel great distances by
airline to faithfully hear teaching, worship, and strategize
together on how to reach Inuit for Christ.

We had heavy hearts that we were not successful to land and
be with our Northern Brothers, due to several failed attempts to
get through thick fog and to land the plane, but had a sense that
God was in this. Philip and I had been claiming, declaring the
Word of God over the territory and interceding all the way during
our Northern tour. I was also led to read the book of Ezekiel
during all this.

During the night in Iqaluit, exhausted, I shut the light in my
bedroom, and crawled into bed. I was almost asleep when all of
a sudden I heard the voice of the Lord say, "Write this down!!!
After a bit of protest because of my tiredness, I heard the Lord
repeat quite simply, Write this down!!!

I got up immediately, took out my book and pen and wrote
down exactly, word for word, what I heard from the Lord. I
humbly submit it to you.

By the way, the next afternoon, we were able to depart
again for Arctic Bay and after a beautiful sunset we landed
safely. The Lord had absolutely convicted me to deliver His
Word that He had dictated to me the night before. It was the
hardest Word I had ever delivered but it was well received.
It is quite apparent that it applies not only to the Northern
people but to all!

Arctic Bay, Nunavut

From Roger Sabourin through the Holy Spirit

Nov. 19, 2009

“Write this down: I am the Lord God, an ambassador for the
good, for change, and 
 for righteousness. You have defiled your
land by keeping images of past gods that have misled your
people and defiled your land. 
 The Lord says to destroy all
idolatry, all deceptions, all 
 hatred, strife, bitterness, envy, and
the like. Your separation from yourselves is a separation from
Me. I love the way you are searching Me in this hour and how
you desire to bring fruitfulness back. 
 Search Me, rend your
hearts and not your garments. (Joel 

Ask of Me, delight in Me, search Me, believe in Me. Do not
offend Me if by your stubborn refusal to obey Me fully, 
continue to rape, kill and destroy. Your hearts are full of 

contempt for your fellow man and their needs to be a melting pot 

of forgiveness. I am distraught with anguish when you cease to
look to me and go satisfy your own desires. (Weeping) Go to
your neighbors and repent for not loving them. Cleanse the
that exist and fall before me. I the Lord wish to bring
cleansing, and purifying and holiness. You can accomplish this 

only through me.

You have been obstinate and rebellious in your own ways and
have not sought after me, the true Living Vine. Return to Me,
bless Me, revile Me no more. Oppression and strife, calamity and
rebellion are mine to destroy. Past sins are to be confessed,
brought before Me, and destroyed. Your ways are not My ways
(Isaiah 55:8) and I will not remember your sins nor those of your
forefathers for I the Lord am Holy and righteous and true.

My covenant Son has separated sin and holiness. Despise Me
no more, despise Me no more. Come to Me, be filled, be
cleansed, be refreshed, be 
blessed. There will be weeping and
mourning but joy comes in the 
morning. (Psalms 30:5)

I the Lord have spoken this day through My servant, but mark My
Words, for they are true and righteous. Come to Me, be grafted
into the Living Vine. Come to Me and put 
rebellion aside. Come
to Me for favor and repent of your ways. 
Turn course, flip sides,
do an about face, for now is the time of your favor.

Behold I am doing a new thing. Repent of doing your own things.
(Isaiah 43:19) Oh how jealous I am for you. Look to Me, despise
Me not, for I am a Holy God, merciful and abounding in love,
compassion and favor for I am sending you a prophet who
believes in Me, who wholeheartedly listens to Me. Repent of
listening to prophets who prophesy what your itching ears want
to hear, (2 Timothy 4:13) who say what you desire to hear. That
is an abomination to Me. Decree to do that no more. Decree to
follow me, the true Living Vine, the Alpha 
and Omega, the
beginning and the end.

Your salvation is dependent on listening to My Words and
believing in me, the author and finisher of life. Submit to me,
respect and honor Me, revile me no more. Come to Me for
cleansing; come to Me for peace of mind, body and emotion.
Your entire being depends on Me. I do not wish to turn a deaf
ear to you because of your sins, confess them, turn to Me and be
healed for I love you. (2 
Chronicles 7:14)

March together, not separately, conquer and deliver, sustain and
remain, plead and redeem, plunder and save.

Oh Lord, my redeemer and friend, to You be all glory forever and
ever. Amen.